By 2012, Snow had entered Inc. magazine’s ranking of the top 5,000 private companies as #46 in the health industry. With the addition of new executive talent and the expansion of a dedicated video department, the industry was taking notice of Snow. More importantly, Snow was continuing to step out of its comfort zone by working in increasingly challenging conditions and finding stories that patients and caregivers in those communities needed to hear. That’s how Snow moved into the Huntington’s disease space and met Karen and Matt…

Karen, a kindergarten teacher, was just four years into her marriage when she and Matt discovered that he had Huntington’s disease (HD). As his disease progressed, so did the family’s need for adjustment. Karen changed her career and moved into a job that allowed her the flexibility to get home to Matt, as he needed help. For a short time, she became his full-time caregiver in addition to having full-time employment. Karen soon discovered an important lesson—asking for help was the only way to navigate the mounting pressures.

Another turning point in Karen and Matt’s journey arrived when she was invited to become a Patient Ambassador. Joining the Snow Ambassador Program allowed Karen to find deeper meaning and purpose in their journey by helping others living with HD. As a part of the Snow Ambassador Program, Karen found words that allowed her to explain and even further understand their experience. Karen credits the Snow team for their part in helping her find her narrative. Having new ways to express what they were going through enabled Karen to explain it to others in a compact and meaningful way. She continues to use words that Snow helped her find.

Today, according to Matt, they are “doin’ very good.” Karen and Matt feel very blessed to be doing well. Karen has accepted their circumstances as she walks their path with faith, family, and friends. And Matt’s humor and great attitude continue to inspire everyone around him.

“Happy Anniversary, Snow! Thank you for making an impact on so many lives by allowing people to share their stories. You personally empowered us to share our story so others could see they are not alone. We will forever be grateful!”   –  Karen