College can be a scary transition for many. It’s taking a leap of faith into unknown surroundings and having to acclimate to uncharted territory. For Rick, it was merely just a stepping-stone. He enjoyed the youthful freedom full of late nights and memories. But when his mother found him having a seizure, turning blue, and struggling to breathe, those days would have to end.

But as a college kid with a sense of adventure and wonder, those days didn’t end quite as quick as his loved ones would’ve hoped. Diagnosed with epilepsy, Rick continued his audacious college phase and had little care for his own health until his doctor told him his next seizure could leave him incapacitated. This was something he already knew deep down; however, hearing it directly from his doctor completely altered his outlook on his health.

It took a while, but he found the strength to pick himself up out of his early-life rut to take care of his health. He moved back in with his family, sought counseling, and worked with his doctor to find a treatment plan. He now manages his seizures with a regimen to care for himself.

Today, as an epilepsy Ambassador, he dedicates time to continually educating himself about epilepsy and wants to know what it means for not only himself but for others. And, on behalf of his college self, he asks others to take care of their general health and never be afraid to ask for help.

“Asking for help may not always be the easiest thing to do, but it’s the smartest thing.”  –  Rick